Jaguars Vs Saint

In Jacksonville, we’ve got an exciting week ahead in the 2023 season! Our Jaguars “experts,” including Tony Boselli, Frank Frangie, Jeff Lageman, Brent Martineau, John Oehser, Brian Sexton, J.P. Shadrick, and Kainani Stevens, are here to break down the upcoming Jaguars matchup.

Week’s Showdown Features

This week’s showdown features our Jaguars facing off against the New Orleans Saints at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Let’s see what our experts have to say about the game:

Tony Boselli, our Jaguars Analyst and Former Jaguars Left Tackle, believes the Jaguars can secure a win if they protect quarterback Trevor Lawrence, maintain their physicality against the Saints’ front seven, and continue to tackle well on defense. If they can put pressure on the Saints’ quarterback Derek Carr, it might lead to mistakes. Tony envisions a tough, low-scoring game, with the Jaguars coming out on top, 20-14.

Frank Frangie, the Radio Voice of the Jaguars, suggests that the Jaguars can win by effectively running the football, especially if Lawrence is unavailable or limited. On the defensive side, the key is to perform well without Josh Allen or Calais Campbell, who may not be playing. Frank acknowledges that this game presents a significant challenge for the Jaguars, being a short week and an away game against a formidable opponent.

Jeff Lageman, a Jaguars Analyst and former Jaguars defensive end, emphasizes the importance of the Jaguars’ defense making big plays. 

Their ability to create turnovers has been a significant factor in their recent success. On the flip side, the Saints could win if they start fast and force the Jaguars to play catch up. Jeff also points out the challenge of being the road team on a short week, making this a critical test for the Jaguars.

Brent Martineau, the Action Sports Jax Sports Director, notes that a strong performance by running back Travis Etienne Jr. is essential for the Jaguars to control the game. The Saints have a solid defense, and the Jaguars will need to score more than 20 points to secure a win. Brent predicts a 23-19 victory for the Jaguars, staying on their bandwagon.

Jojn Oehser’s Take

John Oehser, the senior writer for, believes that the Jaguars can win by forcing multiple turnovers and limiting the Saints to 20 points. He acknowledges that the Jaguars might be limited offensively, given Lawrence’s knee injury, making it crucial for the defense to step up. A mammoth defensive effort will be required for the Jaguars to emerge victorious.

the ones affecting Lawrence and the offensive line. He points out that on the defensive side, the Jaguars need to apply pressure on Derek Carr to prevent him from taking advantage of their weaknesses. Brian also acknowledges that predicting the outcome of a game can be quite challenging, especially when the team has to play their third match in just 12 days.

J.P. Shadrick, another senior reporter on, highlights the Jaguars’ recent success in playing strong defense and their ability to force turnovers. However, he also underlines the importance of the offense stepping up, particularly in light of these key injuries. J.P. recognizes the added challenge of traveling for Thursday Night Football, especially considering the current injury situation.

Moving on to Kainani Stevens, the reporter at, she emphasizes how crucial it is for the defense to take control of the game, especially given the struggles of the Saints’ offense. In the event that Lawrence can’t play or is limited due to his knee injury, she believes the game might turn into a defensive showdown. Kainani predicts a final score of 13-10 in favor of the Jaguars.

As we gear up for this exciting matchup, the Jaguars are facing some challenges, but the experts believe in our team’s potential to secure a victory. Short weeks and injuries may test the resilience, but with the support of the fans and the determination of the players, we’re looking forward to a thrilling game on Thursday night. 🏈🐆 #Jaguars #GameDay

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